3Peat also offers a number of different workshops in different areas and for all skill levels. The cast travels globally to teach and provide the opportunity for you or your business or group to learn from them in an existing or custom made workshop.

Workshops Include:

Improv – Corporate: Every businesses needs help with team building, collaboration, and listening. These tailor-made workshops help companies around the globe in so many ways.

Improv – Basic: You’ve thought about doing improv or even seen a friend do it and are curious, this class welcomes you in and encourages you to try new things and find humor when working in a group setting.

Improv – Advanced: This is perfect for those that have been through all or most of a training program and want more light shed on working with a group.

Improv – Dramatic: These classes are great for those that want to focus more on scene work. You will learn techniques that help listening and so much.

Stand Up -Basic: For those newer to stand up or wanting a refresher on the fundamentals.

Stand Up – Advanced: Hone your craft and work on performance techniques to make your set pop.

Solo sketch: Perfect for those that have an idea or a character and want to try and  take the stage alone to tell the story.

Sketch: If you have an idea or written sketch for 2 or more people and want help crafting a stage worthy sketch, don’t miss out!

Hybrid/Combinations: We do teach combinations and custom versions of all these workshops. Contact us for more details.